A Piece of Meaningful Nothingness

The Number 9

The number 9 is a piece of meaningful nothingness. It is my favorite number and I feel a sense of inner connection to it. It is as though the number 9 represents the life  I long to live; the “me” that is fighting to be real in a custom-made world that demands prescription definitions of success.

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The Splender of Individuality

            One day, something extraordinary occurred that in very significant ways, affected every other event of my life since; the fact is, I was born. This had never happened to me before, it has not happened since, and I highly doubt it will ever happen again in the course of history.  For the longest time, I took it for granted. I only knew of my own existence and was vaguely aware of the existence of those around me. But as I grew in body, soul, and mind, I came to a startling realization. I realized the basis for my uniqueness as being the very fact that my birth was not only a once-in-a-lifetime event, but a once-in-eternity event. This is very difficult to wrap one’s brain around when considering that there are eight billion people who currently reside on this planet and not one of them is identical to me. Then think about the countless billions and trillions of people who have ever lived in the past, add that to those who have not yet been born, as well as the stillborn and aborted babies through history past and future. We see that the chances of my own existence coming into being form a mathematical impossibility. My birth to occur exactly the way it happened to this same individual is an unrepeatable event. Continue reading