The Virtue of Bewilderment

The improvement of life depends on keeping full its supply of surprises. Half the fun of waking up in the morning is the feeling that you have come upon a day that is brand new, a day that the world has never seen before; a day that is certain to do things that no other day has ever done. Half the pleasure of welcoming a newborn baby is the absolute certainty that here you have a packet of amazing surprises It will be a sad day for us all when the world has run out of fireworks to shoot into the sky: no more shocks to be sustained, no more sensations to be experienced, and no more thrills to be enjoyed. Fancy being condemned to live in a world that has nothing up its sleeve to surprise you. It would be a numbing state of existence, void of variety, void of individuality, and void of astonishments. Continue reading


The Land of Religious Identity

It was late at night when I sat down next to my grandfather and asked him to tell me a story. Grandfather had traveled all over the world in his day and as a result, had an endless supply of stories about far off lands. This time, he told me about a country called, Religious-Identity. What he described was more of a city-state sort of government. The only requirement for entrance was to be on a personal quest to find meaning and truth. Each of the three individual cities had their own set of regulations for what this quest would entail. I wanted to see for myself, so I packed my bags and set off on my journey. Continue reading