Butcher Church

“In my home city where I did dwell,
To Christian church went I right well;
They spoke of God’s forgiving way,
But I was shunned when gone astray.

“I wish, I wish, but I wish in vain,
I wish I was in church again;
In church again I ne’er will be,
‘Til Christians heed my desperate plea:

“‘Please give me both some love and peace,
I need the grace that’s wide and deep;
I may have sinned my whole life long,
But don’t you care despite my wrong?'”

She went up stairs to go to bed,
And calling to her mother said,
“Bring me a chair ’til I sit down,
And a pen and ink ’til I write down.”

At every word she dropped a tear;
At every line cried, “Death! Draw near!
Oh what a foolish girl was I,
Now I’ll die stray with a mournful sigh.”

A friend, he heard, and the door he broke.
He found her hanging from a rope.
He took his knife and cut her down,
Then in her pocket, these words were found:

“They hung Christ up by His hands and feet,
He showed them love both wide and deep;
But from you Christians who claim His name,
Came only hate for us with shame.

“I begged for grace and forgiveness,
You gossiped that I’m such a pest.
I could have turned, with Christians’ help,
Away from sin’s tormenting belt.

“Yes, I admit to shedding blood.
I’ve lied, I’ve stolen, been a dud.
I was impure in all my life,
And turned my feet far from the Light.

“I thought you said Jesus forgives,
And that in you His spirit lives.
If that be so, then tell me this,
Why did my desperate plea go missed?

“You said I did deserve to die,
And burn in Hell with all my lies;
I know this true, but still I cry,
O’er my wasted life, so love deprived.

“Well now you’ve gotten what you’ve earned.
I’ve gone to Hell where I now burn.
But don’t feel bad. I understand,
That you’re too righteous to lend a hand!

“You said it was a waste of time,
To help me with the chains that bind;
So for this reason I’ve killed myself:
To keep your glares from being felt.”

Come Christian friends who hear these words,
Soften your heart. Let love be heard;
For if this girl’s story repeats,
Then the world won’t know of death’s defeat.


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