I Don’t Understand

I don’t understand why You love me so much,

Or why You’ve accepted me into your bunch.

I don’t understand why I’m here in Your care,

Or why You sooth me whenever I’m scared.

You opened Your home and let me rest by Your hearth

But I know I’ve caused more trouble than I’m worth.

You say You’re my family and I’ll be okay,

I don’t understand why You let me stay.

 I don’t want to be here invading Your space,

But there’s nowhere I want to be apart from this place.

I don’t understand why I’m in Your embrace.

I do not deserve such patience and grace.

I want to repay You but have nothing to give;

You receive nothing but continue to forgive.

And “continue” is true as my wrongs have increased,

I don’t understand why Your love has not ceased.

You promise to be there through the unknown,

You’ve held to Your word, I’m never alone.

Though never have You failed me, yet still I confess,

I doubt that my wrongs Your love can surpass.

Will You still love me if I can’t make You proud?

I want You to keep me now that I’m found.

What if I screw just one last time,

And that time be the last grape off the vine?

Surely there’s a limit to what You withstand.

If I cross the line am I banned from Your land?

For You to disown me is my greatest fear,

I don’t understand the kind words that I hear.

I want to apologize and convey my sorrow,

I promise to try to do better tomorrow.

I want You to know that I love You immensely,

But I don’t understand the pain that You went through.

What words might I muster to thank You, my Friend,

For such a demonstration of mercy without end?

I thought I was worthless, You say I’m enough,

I don’t understand why You don’t give me up.

I thought I was dirty, but You made me shine.

I thought I was homeless, but You made me thine.

I thought I was helpless, but You made me strong,

I thought I was hopeless, til You came along.

As long as You’re with me I’ll never give up,

But I’ll never know why You love me so much.





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