Prestige and Fame

Number eight is such a beautiful vibrant green color. I like it because it is interesting to look at and is an eye popping addition to anything imaginable. The green is bright and deep but I would not describe it as neon or dark green. It is also extremely attractive due to the fact that it has a serious, down-to-earth attitude weaved into the greenish tones. This is the kind of green that has a job to do and will get it done against all odds. I much prefer such a shade of green than the wobbly kinds that lack any substance or solidity. Green of this sort is highly intellectual and prestigious. If I were to compare the green itself to a commonly seen green, I might liken it to the shade of green on the John Deere logo or of a luscious, well-cared for front lawn. From now on, when I say “green” I am referring specifically to this particular shade and tone of green. Continue reading