A Piece of Meaningful Nothingness

The Number 9

The number 9 is a piece of meaningful nothingness. It is my favorite number and I feel a sense of inner connection to it. It is as though the number 9 represents the life  I long to live; the “me” that is fighting to be real in a custom-made world that demands prescription definitions of success.

Room #9

9 is like a large room… a very large room. This room is round. It has light beige colored walls which are completely empty and plain. No picture, no shelves, no mirrors, just walls. The room itself is completely empty as well. There isn’t even a door, let alone a window, to break up the plainness of the room. The room is not only very large around, it is also unimaginably tall. So tall in fact that you cannot see the ceiling, which is dome shaped and light beige colored just like the walls. The most intriguing aspect of the room is the lighting. Nobody really knows where the light comes from since the room is completely empty (no lamps), the walls are bare (no light fixtures), and the ceiling is both unseen and every bit as plain as the walls (no overhead light). But the light is definitely there. It is extremely bright as though there is a giant spotlight shining right down into the room. But it is not the harsh kind of light that hurts your eyes and makes you squint. It is a simple light.

The Practicality Of Room #9

The room described is room 9 because 9 is a number with a large value, thus the room is so big. 9 has a soft color to it and it is clear and hollow. It is uncluttered. It is not painful to look at like some numbers can be. It is nice and simple, but has great value and meaning. It is bright and cheerful like I described the room to be.

9 has its head screwed on right. It is stable and rational. It’s not over exuberant like the number 6 nor is it overly prestigious like the number 8. 9 is prideful in and of itself because it does not have the added clutter that so often distorts reality. My pastor recently said, “What ‘thing’, when taken away, would make you question your faith?” 9 has gotten rid of all those things. It is happy because it is free to breath without the stress of needing more of something. The number 9 looks like the texture of breaking glass, and that means it is crisp and clear. I like the color of 9 because it is a simple color. It is light beige like the color of sand. It is easy and non threatening to look at. It is not bright or neon like 6 which quickly becomes “too much”.

The 9 kind of happiness is what I consider the most genuine and rewarding kinds of happiness. I think that is because it is rooted more in peace rather than in circumstances. It is minimalistic but very meaningful. I enjoy owning very few things. It releases my mind to dwell where it finds rest. I enjoy being calm rather than exuberant. It helps me feel sane. 9 is my favorite number because, just like number 9, I long to simply let go of all the things that yell at me to have certain things, do certain things, and act certain ways. Maybe I have no desire to live the American Dream like 8 does. 9 does not ask me to. It only asks me to follow my dreams and live in peace.

Living like the number 9 takes a huge load of my chest. It allows me to be me. It feels good for me to live a meaningful life without worrying about being “good enough” or “keeping up with the Jones”.  Too often, we live for the feel good moments or for the next promotion. 9 obliterates the elevation of such things. It feels like I would imagine being in a sensory deprivation tank would feel. If 9 had nothing and did nothing, it would still maintain its value. 9 is not meaningful because of anything it has or does; it is meaningful because of what it is.


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