Psalm 51

Psalm 51


Lord, give me both your love and peace,

I need the grace that’s wide and deep;

For from the mercy within Your name,

Comes forgiveness to those with shame.


My life’s been filled with sin so long,

Yes, I admit to all my wrong.

But You are blameless in what You speak,

And filled with honor from head to feet.


Through every day I’ve dropped a tear;

At every hour cried, “Sin! Be cleared!

Oh what a foolish girl was I,

To be led astray by the Devil’s lies.”


But You desire truth I know;

So Satan’s lies will have to go.

And once they’re gone my life will be,

Steered by wisdom to set me free.


I ask my God, I pray with hope,

That I may be as clean as soap.

Oh Lord, I beg with earnest heart,

That You would cleanse my sinful parts.


I ask for joy, gladness, and glee.

My bones rejoice when You look at me.

With eyes on me please see no sin,

That the world may know You’re my closest kin.


Give me a heart that’s pure and clean;

And make my spirit strong in me.

Don’t leave my side but hold me near,

And bid Your Spirit enter here.


Restore to me salvation’s face,

Uphold me with abundant grace;

Then I will teach the world Your ways,

And men will give to God their praise.


I’ve felt the guilt of shedding blood,

But by Your grace new hope will bud.

Deliver me from guilt so strong,

And I will sing a grateful song.


I sang a song to God my King.

To You alone my lips will sing.

For You don’t want a sacrifice,

Or else I would at any price.


Though sacrifice You would despise,

A contrite heart would please Your eyes.

A spirit broken over shame,

God doesn’t hate, He heals the pain.


Oh Lord, do good and well to them,

In Zion and Jerusalem;

And please accept the offerings,

They give to You, the King of kings.


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