Arbitrary IPA Numbering

Arbitrary IPA Numbering (A.IPA.N.)

Arbitrary IPA Numbering is the second level of IPA Notation. This is based off of the same arrangement of phonemes on the QWERTY keyboard. However, instead of using the special characters, we use numbers to represent each phoneme. The intent is to enable the user to apply IPA notation in electronic form without the need for any special programs or software. A.IPA.N. is designed so that no keys will be needed except for the keys on the number pad. Continue reading


Authenic Community

There are certain people I know who are what I call “Thinking Coaches”. Thinking Coaches are those people I go to for advice or when I need to discuss life matters and get the perspective of someone who has been there, done that.  It is a little complicated because there are so many different areas of life that I must categorize each coach by what type of questions I will ask each individual. For example, I may have a category of people that I go to for work related issues, another group of people that I go to for finances, and another for relational, and so on and so forth for however many aspects of living you could think of. It is a complex systematic web of coaches. I have probably learned a lot more from these people simply by trying to manage the web than I have from asking pointed questions. Continue reading

Arbitrary IPA Spacing

The first IPA notation is arbitrary phonetic spacing, or A.IPA.S.

A.IPA.S. uses no numbers but rather uses a phonetic transliteration script where each phoneme in the IPA is represented by its own character and accent is indicated by the size of the characters in each syllable. This alphabet is the basis for all other notation scripts. There are around 43 characters divided into two categories: vowels and consonants. The vowel category is slightly more systematic than the consonants, which are extremely arbitrary. A.IPA.S. is usually expressed in its own set of phonetic characters but can also be expressed on the QWERTY keyboard. Continue reading

The Problem of Meaning and Truth

America’s culture and very existence was built on a statement in the opening lines of her constitution that the rights of the citizens are undeniable: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal with the unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” But now, as if the concept of self-evident truths was only hypothetical, young people are being challenged to question reality and meaning. We are told there are no absolute truths, no meaning, and no universal morality. This leaves America with a big problem. If everything is relative, how can a truth be self-evident or unalienable? Continue reading

Tribute to the First Mates

I have known certain individuals who form the perfect picture of a typical and honorable first mate on a warship. As I learn from these influential leaders, I have become convinced that the life of a first mate is the most honorable and noble way to live.

 The first mate is not the skipper; or else he would be better recognized for his efforts. He is not underqualified to be skipper; or else he would not be the first mate. But you will not realize this immediately. He will never pass by without a smile and most polite greeting, but then his mysterious form soon disappears as he goes to carry out the duties of first mate. What exactly is it he does? Well, that is difficult to say, because the first mate is the man in the background. He is the leader who gets none of the credit but deserves all of it. He is ever on the lookout for something that needs to be done, even if it is not his distinct responsibility to do it. He would rather be taking out some old lady’s trash than be enjoying the beach on a summer night. Take one look at his eyes and you will see that he really wants nothing more than to serve people without giving the slightest thought to what he may get in return. We have all heard the saying that the eye is the window to the soul. Look into the first mate’s eyes and you can see his humble willingness to serve. Some first mates have threatening eyes because they are so close to being skipper that they have grown bitter over the knowledge that they do not receive recognition as the skipper does. But not our specimen. No, this first mate has bright and peaceful eyes that are either smirking at the thought of lending a helping hand, or grinning at the prospect of standing up for something great. Nevertheless, standing for something great often means taking a beating for it. Continue reading

The Splender of Individuality

            One day, something extraordinary occurred that in very significant ways, affected every other event of my life since; the fact is, I was born. This had never happened to me before, it has not happened since, and I highly doubt it will ever happen again in the course of history.  For the longest time, I took it for granted. I only knew of my own existence and was vaguely aware of the existence of those around me. But as I grew in body, soul, and mind, I came to a startling realization. I realized the basis for my uniqueness as being the very fact that my birth was not only a once-in-a-lifetime event, but a once-in-eternity event. This is very difficult to wrap one’s brain around when considering that there are eight billion people who currently reside on this planet and not one of them is identical to me. Then think about the countless billions and trillions of people who have ever lived in the past, add that to those who have not yet been born, as well as the stillborn and aborted babies through history past and future. We see that the chances of my own existence coming into being form a mathematical impossibility. My birth to occur exactly the way it happened to this same individual is an unrepeatable event. Continue reading